R2B Transfer of Knowledge (ToK)

Transfer of knowledge is by training events, workshops, videos, and other means to build knowledge, capacity and skill development. The exchange at the activities build your network and that becomes a platform that is useful for you in the future.

Build capacity

By meeting other with interest in research to business and impact from research, we gain competence in impact creation and their motivations.


Exchange creates a platform which is useful for the  future. Follow up projects are necessary to come to higher technology readiness level.

Skill development

Publications and patents are useful, but for reailstic implementation we need skills to bring research towards business.


By meeting other with similar interest, our netowrk is expanding. This will be useful in the future whenn there are next research to business actviities.

Create impact

by building your skill and competence in research to business.

Career development

The competence in research to business is a part of impact motivations. Today impact is necessary to describe and in realistic ways.

Contribute to sustainable goals

A large part of climate solutions until year 2050 are from activities in research and development today. Being part of utilisation is being part of the future.