Practical Research Communication

Research impact by communication

Benefits of communication

Use video - the easy way

Using artificial intelligence for text creation

Why be yourself in communication

The use of (not perfect) photos

Guest lectures by experts

Research Communication

There is a link between communication - dissemination - exploitation.

These will lead to impact: in some evidencing way to show that the research outcomes are useful.

The business opportunities come from communication and dissemination activities. It is not very likely that a entrepreneur will read a paper that you published, and offer a business case. Neither is it likely that the business opportunity will come from another country than the one you are in.

By being visible with your activity, you will get opportinites.

Do it in a simplified way. Use your own words, be natural and also use videos. Because the trust comes from you as person. They will not get in touch with you mainly because a research finding or technology motivation. People make business, people drive progress.

That is why communication should come from you.

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