Innovation and advisory support

For competence building, skill development, innovation capacity.

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Project impact

The impact of a project is not only from technology point of view. It should also be reflected in societal implementation, for example alignment with regional development such as smart specialisation starategies.

Competence building

The skill development and competence building is a positioning for organisational strategies, especially when it come to global relevance by international exchange. To further educate students and researchers is a faculty development.

Personal coaching

Career develoment and skill development are two avenues which are used for merits in projects and networks. To facilitate the personal career positioning is important for being involved in consortia building and new partnerships.

Innovation capacity

Publishing and patents are only first steps. Next ones are innovation and exploitation. These show the way towards impact and business from research. Positioning innovation capacity is key for projects and personal careers to show the impact creation.

Show impact by innovation and advisory support

Skill development and competence building.


Mikael Syväjärvi has more than 20 years of experience in innovation capcity building from research and innovation.

Partnership and network

Being part or building platforms and networks are key to progress and impact creation.